Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The First One

I realised I haven't posted my Itinery on here yet, and also wikipedia says Blogspot is banned in China. SO while I have twenty minutes of downtime and some tasks before I go silent for a couple of months, here we go.

In Chronological order:
Fly to Hong Kong
travel north through China to Qingdao, sail to Korea for 2 weeks.
Sail again to Japan for a month. Fly (via beijing) to Canada 1 month.
Meet Welshie in Chicago, Travel all around america, 2 months.
Fly to Panama, to do Peru and Chile in 2months,
Cross the international Date line for the second time flying to New Zealand. Throw shrimps on the BBQ in OZ and then South East Asia before returning to home.

Well, I know that isn't the best prose ever, nor is it detailed, but hey i'll save the details for hindsight and im in a rush. This is a start...

Hong Kong is lovely and warm after a 12 hour flight, hotel is Miniscule but for 11 pounds whose complaing (theres no pound sign on this keyboard) right im off to eat dinner. Zai Jian

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  1. Look forward to hearing more when you emerge from 2 months' silence. Take care.