Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Would do again list

The ‘Would do again or recommend to a friend’ list

The idea of this list is simple, things that have stood out at being particularly good or memorable that aren’t completely re-creatable so without further ado in no particular order :

1.      Everest at 3am in the moonlight.
2.       Lake Louise and the Colombian Ice field & Glacier
3.       Whistler Zip Lining & Biking (even adults can do the zip, I did it with a group of retirees)
4.       Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan, China (the walk no cheating)
5.       Pandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas, Chengdu
6.       Mt Fuji, cycling around the lakes.
7.       Osaka Aquarium (absolutely huge whale shark)
8.       Roppongi Tower, Tokyo  at night (not actually sure its called that)
9.       CN Tower, Toronto.
10.   Cape Cod Road trippin’
11.   Lake Michigan swimming
12.   Songpan, Horse Trekking – China (cold as fuck but totally worth it)
13.   Floating the ‘San Marcos’
14.   Yangshuo River cruise and getting lost in the karsts
15.   Hiro’s parents getting you wasted on expensive whiskey (and basically being a westerner in China)

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