Saturday, 29 October 2011

Last of the Peruuuuuuuuuuuvians (and one, only one Chile)

My return to Lima was straight forward, athough the bus was an hour late. Its a great feeling to return to a hostel a month later to find the same people are still there and recognise you. I basically hung out in Lima, saw a few new things such as the water fountain park, que night photography/light fun. I also went to a cinema with a bar and tried the Peruvian version of McDonalds - Bembos. I did little else, this post will largely cover Peruvian food!
Posing next to a fountain

Oh I joined the Riot Police

Colourful Fountains

In the water Tunnel
Right Lima covered and photos.... lets talk about Peruvian food, big fans of starch, it is pretty common to get both Rice and Chips as accompaniments. In a list form here is what they eat.

Rocoto Relleno = This is a stuffed pepper, usually stuffed with mince and spicy, it is delicious.
Papa Relleno = This is a stuffed potato, similar to Rocoto again it is very good.
Cuy (In various forms) = Guinea Pig, served whole with body and all. It tastes like chicken, see previous post for a photo. It is traditionally a festive food.
Creme De Zapallo = This is a pumpkin soup, again it is delicious.
Helado Queso = This translates as frozen cheese. It is sort of like a sorbet made from Cheese, but its not cheese. It tastes pleasant enough, couldn't figure out exactly what it was though.
Antecuchos de Corazon = Cow's heart, cooked like a Kebab. Very tasty and meaty.
Camarones with Eggs and Potato = Prawns with a sauce and sort of potato cake thing. Again tasty.
Ceviche = Pretty much the most common seafood dish. Half raw fish in a chilli and Lime sauce served with onions. Simple and brilliant.
Sublime = A brand of chocolate, similar to snickers. A national pride.
Alpaca = Served like a steak, lighter than lamb it can be tough but is usually tasty.
Pollo y la milanesia = A chicken fillet battered and served with rice and chips.
Lomo Saltado = Pretty much a beef stir fry with onions and peppers. Excellent, cheap and tasty.
Peruvian Pizza= Found everywhere, varies from excellent to poor.
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables = Avocadoes out here are ridicuously fresh and tasty. All fruit is fresh and cheap, markets you can get fruit smoothies for next to nothing. Watermelons are huge. In a supermarket we bought about 12 tomatoes for 50 pence. I did a double take when I saw the price.

This pretty much sums up Peruvian foods. I ate pretty healthily in Peru, bar all the starch and occasional burger. I ate way more salad & fruit than usual. One quick note about Chilean food, they have hot dogs here which they coat in Guacamole.

My long haul trip south passed pretty uneventfully, three buses, 50 hours of travel. Oh I forgot to mention I was fined by the Peruvian border patrol because I overstayed my allotted time in Peru by ten days. I was fined a hefty 10 dollars... which I just so happened to have in my wallet.

In Chile, first glances it is much more prosperous than any other South American place I have been. Taxi's have meters and the fashion is a lot more 'diverse'. People also sport ridiculous hair styles; Rat tails and Mullets. My hostel is in Bellavista, which is an area mostly populated by cool cafes/bars with tables on the street for daytime drinking in the sun, in other words totally awesome. (Just like back at home days at the Prom/Blue Lagoon). I have climbed San Cristobal(a big hill with views of the city) met a friend of a friend for drinks. Walked around and generally observed the city before I leave for New Zealand, the end of the South American adventure.

In summary it has been exciting, refreshing, interesting and of course an adventure. I've met many friendly locals and travellers alike. Peoples generosity and warmth never ceases to surprise. But that might just be cause im Cynical... But I have only had a few bad experiences. Time to cross that majestic ocean once more and set down in more unchartered territory. But for now some Chilean pictures and like the end of North America a summary picture that symbolises South America and yet not at all.


and for the summary....
I came, I saw, I conquered. Goodbye SA

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