Friday, 1 March 2013

UKIP Voterrrz

I was going to write a blog about something else, but then UKIP voters opened their mouths and I had to help shut them up with reason/facts.

Taken from this article, I am not quoting out of context, so blame the Guardian if so:

First up we had a lovely man called Peter, who has a job and is a train driver. Riveting. He spouts some nonsensical rubbish:

" I'm worried about the dropping of the barrier in January. I fully expect 2-4 million Bulgarians and Romanians to come over."

I'd love to know where he got these facts from to clarify, but oh he wait he plucked them from his brain. This would amount to about 15% of the entire population just upping and leaving, lets also now mention here that Romania is described as an "Upper-Middle-Income" Country (it is the larger of the two both population wise and geographically), also it is noted for having a "High Human Development" So says the UNDP anyway...

To Clarify, the last total estimation I saw was 50,000 

To really ram the ridiculousness of this statement, I will change one word, the new statement will have about the same factual basis (none):
"I'm worried about the dropping of the barrier in January. I fully expect 2-4 million Martians and Romanians to come over." (Romanians in this instance being inhabitants of the Moon Romulus)

Peter ends with this statement about the Liberal Democrats
"The Lib Dem ideals don't seem be those of the average working person."

Earlier he said he used to vote Labour, but his main grievance was that the Tories couldn't get their policies through due to the Lib Dems. Do the Tories stand for the average working person? Hell No.

UKIP Voter number two, is a nice lady called Tina, a businesswoman apparently. I've never quite understood the word Business person, I mean I go about my business, am I a businessman? Anyway on to what she says.

"It's important this country remains as good as it has always been. We can't keep letting our human and political rights filter away"
Tell tale signs here that she probably reads that newspaper. However I might be inclined to agree here, govt. snooping probably does go to far, but UKIP don't stand for that, they'd probably decrease human rights in order to faster deport those that they deem not 'British', and where do they draw the line? I read an interview with a UKIP politician who stated that people who had lived here for five years plus and were working would still have to go. Hell that guy has probably worked here longer than I have, he can stay, I will go. Sayonara, oh I forgot you don't like 'foreign'.

Third up we have Geoff, a former Marine and now a school cleaner who used to fight Communism. (His words not mine).

His first slingshot (after fighting communism) is to do this "David Cameron is not a Conservative, no way. He is a social democrat, a Lib Dem" - Do I need to tackle this? This guy ought to move to America where 'Socialism' is the same thing as 'Communism' - they are not. Besides like hell is Cameron a Lib Dem, if he seems centrist its because of the simple fact that if he went really right, he'd lose the middle centre voters who don't think all tories are massively right-wing (those that think that are almost as crazy as Ukippers).
Finally, in the UK we have social welfare and democracy (although Cameron is trying to dismantle the former) so by the very definition we are all 'Social Democrats'.

To nitpick his last sentiments - jobs. UKIP don't really mention how they will fix this anyhow, just by removing 'foreigners' apparently. Lastly he says this: "Come here on a Friday night, Saturday night, it's terrible when the pubs are turning out. Where are the boys in blue? Not to be seen."
What I would ask, is two fold a) why is he hanging outside at pub closing time and b) if UKIP are just a more extreme version of the Tories, how is a more extreme version going to increase Police presence? Besides the answer to closing time violence is no closing times, duh!

Lastly, we have Sarah, who is a shopworker (ie she works in a shop). Well first off, I know she sits in a pub and complains about immigrants rather than doing anything productive for herself. How do I know this you ask? She says so, its the first damn thing she says:
" I drink in the Wagon Works pub where the party people have been having their dinner.They have talked to me about their policies and I agree with a lot of what they have told me. There's going to be more and more foreigners coming in and taking everything from us. It's diabolical."

Literally taking stuff from us? Borderline racism there, is she implying they will steal? Or just apply for jobs and 'take' them because they were probably trying hard to get a job rather than whinge in the pub about supposed threats. This is the kind of English person I sit in the pub an complain about.

She then says "We couldn't go to their country" - um,what? Yes we could and can. I've been there you numpty, I even have friends working in Romania RIGHT NOW. I wonder if other countries bitch about all the gap Yarrrrrr students doing volunteer work or teaching English, doing stuff which actually benefits them and their country?

In her defence she ends it with a good sentiment;
" I felt like I made my mark this time and I felt there were reasons for me to do it. That's what you have to do in life, you have to do the right thing to show what you believe in"

This is exactly why I vote, because if I don't someone like these people here will vote and their candidate may even win.

To end, here is a picture of a girl wearing a Canucks Jersey, go Canucks. If y'all keep voting like these dumb people, Canada is a country I may go live in, and frankly, based on below, why not?

Go Canucks

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