Saturday, 17 December 2011

Return to Asia

So we arrived in to Bangkok after a simple flight and found the way to the hotel that was to be our home for five days. First off, Bangkok is huge, at one point we took a half an hour taxi and still were like only halfway across. It is of course, busy, interesting and a welcome re-introduction to the hustle and bustle that makes up Asian cities.  It reminds me of Mongkok(in Kowloon) but cheaper and grimier. Bangkok being what it is, the hub for entry into most of Southeast Asia; it is obviously full of westerners, the most I have seen in a concentrated place in Asia since Dali/Yangshuo.

We took some ill-advised tuk tuk tours and were harassed by the tailors who we visited so as our driver could get a free gas coupon, by the third time someone asked to do this we politely declined and gave the driver ten extra Baht (20p) which he seemed quite happy about(the tuk tuk had only cost 20 Baht in the first place). Anyway the point is we saw some temples, a large buddha and some other sites of life in Bangkok. Crossing the road is nigh on impossible, as is trying to drive a car around, which they still attempt to do.
Welshie in the Tuk Tuk

Elephant Flower

Khao San Road
We left the next day for a day trip to the Floating Market, the Bridge on the River Kwai (the one the film is about), Tiger Temple and a Cobra fight. These all interesting sights, ie a man wrestled a cobra and caught it with his teeth and I petted Tigers. However I was severely suffering from the early start and late night.
Floating Market

Fighting the Cobra

This looks like a good idea

As does this
Next day was the Kings birthday so we took a walk around the park where the celebrations were to be held and ate some fried bugs. In the evening we watched the fireworks and Welsh tried to set himself on fire by 'saving' a doomed chinese lantern that was headed for a crowd of people, he tells this story as if he is some kind of hero.
Celebrating the King

Preparing gifts

Deep Fried Bugs
WE spent the remaining time, trying out various massages. Namely a Thai massage (not as good as the tibetan one I had in Sichuan but better than Cuzco) and a fish spa, where little fish suck on your feet. Weird but enjoyable. Remaining activities were largely left to fighting the heat and drinking on Khao San road.

Im sure a lot more has happened but this is long enough already. Next time, Full moons and lunar eclipses, Island hopping and a growing disillusionment with travelling in Thailand....

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