Friday, 9 December 2011

A land down Under

So New Zealand over we slept in the airport with calamitous hilarity and retarded logic. We were told to move from departures as they close it overnight but we were "allowed" to sleep in arrivals but only in a 'designated' area and not on the chairs. The reasoning behind this was that when people arrive they didn't want to people to see people asleep in the airport which is fair enough, had we been hobos. Firstly, when I arrive in an airport at 3am I kind of epxect people to be asleep waiting for an early flight. Secondly the 'designated' sleep area was in arrivals, smack bang next to the exit so people ARE GOING TO SEE PEOPLE SLEEPING, which completely contradicts their whole reasoning in the first place and when we get to number 3, theres a whole termincal called departures where new arrivals won't see people sleeping which is totally EMPTY you retards. Anyway the sleep nazi's (people who walk around telling you you can't sleep where you are, we totally sassed them) disappeared or became chilled and we got some sleep on the bench and flew to Australia.

Australia is everything i thought it would be. Expensive, warm and a lot like england. However on the plus side, the girls are stunning. We went to the beach and it got cloudy, we saw Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera house before enjoying $3 dollar beers (£2.50 and about 5 dollars cheaper that everywhere else) going out was kinda dull and expensive. We said goodbye to stones and slept in the hostel movieroom discretely due to a 5am check-in and got the hell out to Asia. It's not to say I don't like Australia it's just expensive and too much like back home to really enjoy as a 'backpacker'. Anyway here are some photo's
3 dollar beer bar and Kevin(and the welshman)

Oz Flag in the harbour

I think you know this one

Kevin's movember effort

Sydney harbour bridge
SE Asia now. Laters.

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