Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday Afternoon Pictures

With no travelling or exciting adventures to speak off as current I will fill this void with photographs so enjoy... 
Harbourside view towards centre
An exciting thing happened in Bristol a few weeks back, so as any doting citizen I grabbed my camera and went to view this event. The magical excitement was a rather large docking in the harbour.... once our fine city was full of large vessels and now we have just one, which is dry docked (SS Great Britain - not the one below).
It has a stupid name.
Continuing the aqua theme, here is a swan enjoying the spring sunshine.

Loving the glare
You know what, I should just make this whole post about boats, here are some more from a recent outing to Cardiff.
Big Red

Sailing in Cardiff Bay

Red Sails
Inadvertently hijacking this post with boats was an accident, just turned out they are the best of recent photos.   Here is a somewhat more bleak one of the Arches from Bristol to end with.
City Arches
Well enjoy your Saturday afternoons.

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  1. I so enjoyed looking at your pictures! That's what I loved about Bristol the everything is centered around the waterways! From the restaurants to museums to boats, it truly makes for a beautiful afternoon stroll!